Novanet Policy Board Terms of Reference




The purpose of the Novanet Board of Directors is to develop Novanet’s vision, establish its goals and objectives and undertake long-term planning for the consortium. The Board of Directors pursues its purpose through collaboration with its member partners as well as with other agencies and institutions, whenever appropriate.


The Novanet Board of Directors is created by and receives its authority from the Novanet member institutions. The Board of Directors may be dissolved only on the direction of the Presidents of the Novanet member instutions.


  1. Oversight of the overall budget for Novanet.
  2. Initiation and facilitation of planning processes to ensure present and future viability of the consortium.
  3. Oversight of the Novanet System Operations Committee.
  4. Establishment of committees, working groups and ad hoc task forces as required, the latter created with a specific mandate to be accomplished with a set time limit and then dissolved.
  5. Decision on recommendations emanating from the Novanet System Operations Committee.
  6. Communication of its meetings and decisions, using the Novanet website.
  7. Fund-raising initiatives and collaborative ventures to expand Novanet’s capabilities and effectiveness.
  8. Assessment of activities and undertakings through an annual report for the consortium.
  9. Organize an Annual Novanet Day during which representatives from each of the Novanet member institutions will meet for professional development sessions and to bring forward items for future action.


  1. The Chief Librarian from each of the Novanet member institutions.
  2. The Novanet Manager (ex officio).

The Chair, Vice-Chair (Chair Elect) and Treasurer form the Executive Committee of the Novanet Board of Directors and are elected annually by the members of the Board of Directors.

The term for each member of the Novanet Board of Directors and Executive Committee is determined by their position and is effective for as long as each member holds his/her position.

The Novanet Board of Directors will normally meet three times a year.


  1. A motion and vote is required for all Committee decisions.
29 June 2001
Revised February 6, 2003
Revised January 2007
Revised March 2008